Overall Length, Width, Height2830mm, 1410mm, 1285mm
Track1220 mm Front / 1170 mm Rear


Driver Size AdjustmentsFixed seat and steering Driver Size Adjustments wheel. Pedal box adjust fore and aft 100mm
Seat (materials, padding)Sheet aluminium seat with Seat (materials, padding) foam padding
Shift Actuator (type, location)Chassis mounted sequential shift stick.
Clutch Actuator (type, location) Foot lever, pedal box mounted


Manufacturer / Model 2006 Honda CBR 600 F4i
InductionNaturally Aspirated
Fuel Type98 octane petrol (Shell Optimax)
Max Power design RPM12,000 rpm
Max Torque design RPM8,000 rpm
Fuel System (Sensors)Honda CBR fuel injection system using DTA-Fast S60 ECU
Fuel System SensorsMagnetic crank & Cam trigger, Water temp, Air temp, Manifold pressure, Throttle Pos.
Fuel Pressure50psi (Dynamic)
Injector locationStandard injectors mounted on throttle bodies.
Intake Plenum volume1.5 litre body, 3 litre including taper from restrictor
Effective Intake Runner Length260 mm, (90mm inside head, 170mm manufactured runner)
Exhaust header designstainless steel header
Ignition TimingDTA-s60 FS base map modified by our sponsor Zcars
Coolant System and Radiator locationDuel Radiators, located in side pods
Fuel Tank Location, TypeFloor mounted aluminium sheet tank mounted behind driver's seat
SilencerZortec custom stainless steel


Drive Type#530 Chain
Differential TypeCustom TypeR Helical LSD chain drive differential
Half shaft size and material19.7mm diameter 4140 , splined solid shafts
Joint typeRzeppa style CV joints on sliding splines


Chassis ConstructionSteel tube space frame with welded bulkhead & aluminium firewall
MaterialC350 mild steel tube - cold drawn seamless
Targets (Torsional Stiffness or other)2700 Nm/ deg torsion
Torsional stiffness and validation methodPhysical testing via student built test rig
Bare frame weight with brackets and paint45kg including firewall & bulkhead
Crush zone materialBespoke Aluminium Alloy Design, designed in house and tested at TRL
Joining methodMIG welded
Crush zone length165mm


Brake System / Hub & Axle 
Master CylinderMechanical bias bar, for Master Cylinder base balance
Callipers2 x AP-Racing single lightweight aluminium billet Callipers calliper(front) & Willwood PSG-1lighweight alloy (rear)
Hub BearingsSKF Double row sealed Hub Bearings radial bearing (64mm x 30mm x 42mm)
Upright Assembly6061 T6 Aluminium CNC machined body with manully Upright Assembly finished internal bore, Circlip grooves & out-of-axis king pin holes
Axle type, size, and materialCNC Machined, ground & annodised 4340 stub-axel (front)/ Gun Drilled & Honed 20mm 4340 Half shaft (rear)


Suspension Parameters 
Suspension TypeUnequal length A-Arms. Push rod(rear)/Pull rod(front) actuated Pneumatic spring/damper units
Tyre Size and Compound Type7.2/20.0-13 Avon, A92 Compound
Wheels7.0x13 ProRace1.2 billet Al machined rims
Design ride height (chassis to ground)40 mm
Suspension design travel28 mm bump/ 28 mm droop
Static Toe and adjustment methodFront -3 deg /Rear 3 deg adj. by tie rods
Static camber and adjustment method-3deg, adj. via shim plates on upright
Front Caster and adjustment method4 degrees, non-adjustable, 17 mm trail
Front Kingpin Axis8 degrees non-adjustable, 8.5 mm offset
Static Ackermann100% Ackermann, adjustable via steering arm
Roll centre position static48 mm above ground (front), 69 mm above ground (rear)
Steer location, Gear ratio, Steer Arm LengthFront wheel steer, in line with lower A-arm and in front of axle line