Silverstone 2016

This year we finished 98th overall which is not exactly where we wanted to be but with limited resources and finances we are very proud of the team! We learnt so much at Silverstone this year and have a lot of lessons learned and points to take away with us.

In order to accomodate one of our drivers, who is slightly smaller than the others, we have provided an engineering solution in the form of wooden blocks and a high-density block of foam, so that Charlotte may safely and confidently drive NightHawk.

The first time we took NightHawk to scrutineering a fuel leak was identified so it was back to the pits to fix this issue! After this we went on to pass the different stages of scrutineering. We went on to pass the noise test with the quietest combustion car recorded so far during the weekend with 86 decibels at idle and 105 decibels at full revs.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to finish the Endurance test, although we did set a new HUFS record of 17 laps! This was due to some electrical issues.

We would like to thank everyone for their support this year and we promise that our car next year is going to do even better!