In our first year at Silverstone, our initial attempts to pass all six scrutineering categories at were not without their own challenges.team2012

There were some modifications required to pass the static and dynamic inspections, however with a lot of work through the night we successfully passed all scrutineering tests, and were awarded all of the pass stickers!

The first dynamic event was the sprint test, which challenges the team to set a fast lap around the sprint track. On our second lap of our first run we set a time which placed us 34th at the time. Unfortunately on our second run we had a mechanical failure with one of our suspension components but our first attempt was sufficient to place us 46th out of the 110 teams at the competition.

We fixed our mechanical failure in time for the endurance event on Sunday, during which we unfortunately succumbed to an electrical failure after 6 of the 22 laps we were required to run. However due to the difficulty of passing this event, our 6 laps were still sufficient to place us 45th in the field and we were happy to finish the event with our car in one piece. Overall we were immensely happy with our performance in our first year! We naturally felt we could improve upon these results for the coming season and were determined to do so through a similar level of determination and improved experience.