Experience told us that scrutineering can often raise problems which take time to resolve. 2013 turned out to be no exception as we hit some major hurdles along the way, including a fail of the noise test, however there was nothing we couldn’t resolve!team2013lr

Our cooling system also struggled with the surprising Silverstone weather (32 degrees!).

With just a few laps in to the endurance event, the car was looking great and our first driver Imran Khan was on form; we were actually catching and overtaking cars which was testament to our pace, as the format of the endurance race is a staggered release so that there is sufficient space between cars on track at the same time.

After the 5th lap however, Imran pulled into a safe area due to the cooling issue which led to the car retiring. The coolant had reached a scorching 120 degress according to our data logging equipment and the rise in pressure actually blew off one of our hose fittings which was the source of the steam.

Naturally we were disappointed to not be able to complete the endurance event, however we were still extremely proud of the car and how far we had come from our first year in the competition. Aside from the track performance we made some massive improvements in the static judging at the competition, the most significant of these being the design presentation.

In the first year we scored only 7 points in the design presentation, this year we managed 77. For us this really conveyed how much potential the new design had and how far we had come. Not only was it 49kg lighter but each sub-system had undergone significant development and this was all recognised by the judges.

Even with the issues we faced in the scrutineering stages meaning we missed out on the sprint event, we still placed 19 places higher overall, going from 89th to 70th in the overall rankings, a step forward which we are all very proud of and one which we hope to continue in the coming years.