Meet the team of our 2017/18 Season

Executive Team


Liam Neary, Team Principal

Liam is responsible for team management and deadlines.

Studies: Computer Science Embedded Systems Engineering with the aim of working in Artificial Intelligence.

He may be creating an artificial intelligence to take over his role.

“Double check everything.” He advises.





Tara Chegwidden, Vice Team Principal

Tara overlooks the entire project from blank screen to the fully driving article, and all the bits in between.

Studies: Mechanical and Medical Engineering

She advises new team members to “Jump into this with both feet and if you fall flat on your face then you’ve learnt something invaluable to the team.”

Among her best experiences are all the little moments when working with the team to build the car. When asked about future employment she said, “I’d like to continuously be pushed to new limits and to never stop learning.”





Pat Calvert, Chief Engineer

Pat oversees all engineering aspects of the project including the designing of the car, and all the necessary calculations and simulations to produce fully justified designs.



Studies: Mechanical Engineering

When asked why he joined HUFS he answered “It was the reason I went to university. It may be the only opportunity I have to design and build a car totally from scratch”!



Engineering Team

Ben Pond, Workshop Manager

As Head of Manufacturing and Workshop Manager, Ben’s responsibilities include ensuring health and safety is maintained in the workshop, ensuring the workshop is kept clean and functional, managing manufacturing tasks, workshop procurement, validating designs for manufacture and working with external manufacturers.

Studies: Mechanical Engineering

“Learn how to go 7 days on 5 hours sleep. Trust me, it’s a skill you’ll need.”






John Beaney, Electrical Lead 

Leader of the Electrical sub-team, his responsibilities include the design and construction of the electrical loom and he also organises the analysis of all the data that the car produces. Next year he hopes to switch over to the mechanical design of the project!

Studying: Mechanical Engineering

His best experience? “My first time seeing the car drive around the Silverstone circuit. It’s exhilarating seeing the car you worked on race at the iconic circuit.”






Business, Finance and Marketing Team:

  • Marketing Manager – Natasha Tyler
  • Finance Manager – James Morrish

Team Members

  • Nikos Aronis
  • Oliver Turk
  • Harry Millar
  • Fiona Baxter
  • Mike Dooley
  • Adam Tunnicliffe
  • Sam Rigby
  • Declyn Sealey
  • Jo Cantwell
  • Toki Adeoye
  • Alastair Glen
  • Abbie Cowdrey
  • Jack Dixon-Hall
  • Felipe Viana
  • Idris Sule-Umar
  • James Ward
  • Sebastian Dabrowski
  • Daniel Rumsey
  • Andy Emms
  • Patrick Bryant
  • Nick Coates-Allen

Non Student Support

  • Faculty Advisor – Brian Houston
  • Manufacturing Support – Stuart Butterick, Mike Jost, Simon Cowell, Russ Kenyon, Ernie Thompson